Things you must keep track of to increase productivity:


We as masses consider multitasking a suitable option as in shorter span; we can do many tasks rather than a single task. This option may be a good option for getting the work done quickly, but it’s not the only option that can be done. Multitasking has its drawbacks as well where the focus gets deviated from one to two or more tasks and hence, the chances of making a mistake increase. Hence, do what you are best at, try testing your limits but don’t put all eggs in one basket as doing multiple tasks on a regular basis can decrease our productivity as well as your health.

Get rid of interruptions/distractions

To be more productive, you must have access to only those things that are essential to working and eliminating all those factors that may become the hindrance between you and your desired goal. For example, a smartphone may become a source of entertainment, chatting, listening music, and more which would further prevent you from working. Hence, either set your phone on silent to avoid distractions (calls and messages) or turn it completely off while doing something important.

Don’t try being a perfectionist

We, humans, aren’t made perfect, and hence we shouldn’t try to be perfect. We all have flaws in either physical or mental capacity which are hard to fix. Hence, while working in the office, do what’s in your ability and leave the rest as nothing can be done ‘perfectly.’

Stop comparing

When you compare yourself with other working employees, you decrease your standard. Every human has their unique capacity and where one can progress, the other cannot. For example, a scientist cannot be a good accountant, and a driver cannot be a good swimmer. Hence, do what you are good at and don’t sweat on any given task as you’re the only objective is to do what you can.

Keep exercising

A physical workout is a key to a successful, healthy life. If you do not feel healthy, you won’t be able to deliver as efficiently as you think you can be.  Fix a schedule in your daily routine where you can spend at least 20-30 minutes burning the calories that you consume on a daily basis. The more you burn, the better you feel. But do remember to take in the calories and water intake to stay healthy and refreshed.

Things you must keep track of to increase productivity:

Nobody is your friend at the workplace

Think you spent a few months or maybe a year with a person makes him/her trustable? Nope, not at all. Your co-workers may look affordable to spend time with but wouldn’t think twice about stabbing you in the back as that’s how life works. Hence, don’t trust them wholeheartedly as many cases exist where the creativity of one employee got stolen by another employee who took the credit out of it. To avoid such data theft threats, try using a copy protection new software to copy protect your files.  Furthermore, once you no longer need a file, get rid of completely by shredding it.